I’ve been very happy with the treatment… very happy with the personnel here. It’s fun to come, actually, and very relaxing. Now I’m basically headache-free.


This has been an amazing journey for me. The 12 treatments that I had were unbelievable. Dr. Harris, Dr. Kim, Robin, and the amazing staff there made me feel at home, comfortable… they were truly, truly dedicated to helping me.


I suffered with migraines at least for 15 years, and they got progressively worse to where I would have to leave work early. I would sit at my desk and work with a baseball cap on, hiding from the light. Nausea, pain… it was very severe. I can say that this treatment has been wonderful and a big change in my life.


I was getting 15 to 18 migraines per month, where they were lasting anywhere between 6 hours to 3-4 days. No traditional treatments were helping – botox stopped working after a couple of years. I called [Dr. Harris], got an initial consultation, and it was the best decision I made. After 12 weeks of therapy there are no more migraines. It is definitely worth the investment of time and money!


I suffered from migraines for probably the last 15 years. I’ve tried going to the doctor for prescriptions, over the counter medications, and none of it really seemed to help. I would definitely recommend this to anyone – it kind of seems like there aren’t a ton of options, and this option worked really well for me.


I suffered with TMD. I tried going to neurologists, dentists, and nobody could really help me. I had a constant pressure in my head. I would totally recommend this therapy to anybody because it could give you your life back. I got mine back.


I’ve been coming for the last three months for migraine treatment. I have suffered with [migraines] for almost 50 years. [I’ve] tried everything under the Sun… drugs, chiropractic, even botox injections, massage… you name it, I’ve tried it… acupuncture… and this has been a Godsend. This was the only hope I had left and it has been wonderful. If I do get [a headache] it’s much milder and they are much more infrequent.


I’m 23 and I’ve been suffering with migraines since second or third grade, so it’s like 15 years now. I did my therapy, and now it’s maybe one every other week, and it’s only getting better. Before, I couldn’t do anything. I was sleeping all day I was in so much pain, I was losing friends, my family was very worried… I actually have a quality of life now. It’s so amazing.


About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, and more recently with cluster headaches… both conditions of the trigeminal nerve. Very intense pain. Those who have had it liken it to having a limb severed. I lived with this every day. These people [at MHRPA] were so good to me. It’s been amazing. I feel so much better. After 10 years I’m finally going to be able to pick up the pieces I left behind.


I suffered with headaches for about 2 years. We couldn’t really figure out what it was from. I was treated for sinus infections, I had been to the hospital three times, neurologists, chiropractors… they put me on about 6 or 7 prescription medications that actually gave me worse side effects. We came here and talked to Dr. Harris. We gave it a go, and after 10 or 12 weeks of therapy I have been headache-free.